We also offer an array of other services as well.  We offer wood flooring, painting, windows, and all other interior needs.

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Veteran owned and operated disaster restoration company providing insurance advocacy and contracting services to help property owners in their time of need.  When a storm strikes, it can cause damage that a homeowner may or may not see. What we provide are FREE PROPERTY INSPECTIONS to ascertain whether or not your scope of damage demands that an insurance claim be made.  If a claim is necessary, we will guide you, step by step, through the claim process in order to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of coverage allowed by law.  Once approved, we will bring your home back to it's original, or better state, while navigating the red tape that coincides with most insurance claims.


  1. ​​​​If you live in a storm damaged area, or suspect that your home may have suffered other types of insurance relatable damage, call us for a free inspection, prior to making your claim.
  2. One of our claims specialists will thoroughly inspect your property to assess whether or not you have claimable damage.
  3. If, in fact, there is damage, we will help you navigate the claims process with your insurance company.
  4. We will meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure that all damage assessed on our end does not get overlooked throughout the adjustment phase.  We hold all insurance companies accountable to standard and ethical insurance practices.
  5. Once approved, we select products of your choice and schedule the build.
  6. Sit back and relax.  We'll take care of the rest.

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3460 Hidden Oaks Ln. West Bloomfield, MI

3811 Faber Terrance Waterford, MI

1791 East Troy St. Ferndale, MI

1805 East Troy St. Ferndale, MI

917 Huber Dr. Monroe, MI

701 Garfield Ave. Bay City, MI

888 Suchara Dr. White Lake, MI

2185 Briar Ct. Commerce, MI

3730 Coolidge Hwy. Royal Oak, MI

4915 Ocean Ct. Sterling Heights, MI

8594 Barrington Dr. Superior Twps, MI

8598 Barrington Dr. Superior Twps, MI

11966 Engleman Rd. Warren, MI

13048 Balsam St. Southgate, MI

23306 Hickory Creek Dr. Macomb, MI

23946 Wintergreen Circle Novi, MI

24018 Wintergreen Circle Novi, MI

And Many more........ Goes to show how far we will go to get to you!

If you've been denied by your insurance company or simply do not want to file a claim, that's ok.  Here at United Restoration we are more than just a disaster restoration company.  We still offer the same optimal services and products at the retail level, so call us for a free quote today.

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